CT Gaming delivers world-class game content through the tailor-made platforms built for performance, security, and reliability. Bright engineering meets art in a refined package compliant with the industry standards and ready to serve the global markets.
The company recently announced it will use AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 SoCs to power its newest slot machines, bringing discrete-GPU caliber graphics and multimedia processing to their slot machine customers.
ARMSTRONG™ is too a gaming platform of CT Gaming that combines efficient resource utilization using “green” technology, powerful graphic engine, parallel control of 4 displays, secure boot option, compact design, and small footprint. ARMSTRONG™ is adopted in GAMOPOLIS™ SPEEDWAY, GAMOPOLIS™ ARCH and TOWER series. ARMSTRONG™ also features embedded functionality of a slot machine interface board and cutting-edge player tracking module employed by the RHINO™ casino management system, a part of the revolutionary multichannel solution THE BIG FIVE suite.
TOUGH FIGHTER™ features the latest Intel's Sandy Bridge silicon to provide the best CPU and graphics performance ever. TOUGH FIGHTER™ drives High Definition graphics on up to 4 monitors to add even more astonishing features in new titles. Fully compatible with TOUGH RIDER™.
TOUGH RIDER™ has been a powerful and reliable vehicle delivering a series of successful games since its introduction in 2006. Smart integration options positioned it on the update path of a range of mature cabinets and its abilities propelled it to many of the best casino floors worldwide. TOUGH RIDER™ continues to prove itself as a valuable asset with titles spanning huge game library.
CT Gaming's SOFTWARE PLATFORM supports SAS 6.02 protocol and has been tested with the major casino management systems.