Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG)

Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG) is the largest employers' organization of business in Bulgaria. CEIBG covers companies, which together account for about three-quarters of the gross domestic product and exports of Bulgaria. CEIBG is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

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Gaming Standards Association (GSA)

The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) is an international trade association that creates benefits for gaming manufacturers, suppliers, operators and regulators. GSA facilitate the identification, definition, development, promotion, and implementation of open standards to enable innovation, education, and communication for the benefit of the entire industry.

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Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM)

AGEM is an international trade association representing manufacturers of electronic gaming devices, systems, and components for the gaming industry. The Association works to further the interests of gaming equipment manufacturers throughout the world. Through political action, tradeshow partnerships, information dissemination and good corporate citizenship, the members of AGEM work together to create benefits for every company within the organization.

The Association acts upon issues relating to education, trade show representation, regulation, manufacturing and licensing standards, and promotes the expansion of responsible gaming for the benefit of its members and the industry.

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National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA)

The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), established in 1985, is a non-profit organization of 184 Indian Nations with other non-voting associate members representing organizations, tribes and businesses engaged in tribal gaming enterprises from around the country. The common committment and purpose of NIGA is to advance the lives of Indian peoples economically, socially and politically. NIGA operates as a clearinghouse and educational, legislative and public policy resource for tribes, policymakers and the public on Indian gaming issues and tribal community development.

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Latin American Gaming Association (ALAJA)

The Latin American Gaming Association (ALAJA) has become the natural representative for the activity and industry of gaming for the whole region and, accompanying the commercial growth with innovative vision, has been the pioneer in establishing a Responsible Gambling Programme and empowering Business Responsibility in the industry.

The mandate of the Associates and the firm purpose and determination of the Governing Board of ALAJA in respect of Social Responsibility in Business, has led the Association to present conferences on the prevention of money laundering and prevention and continuing fight against illegal gaming; themes that are of permanent interest to those involved in the region’s gaming industry.

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Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI)

The Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI) was established in 1992 as an independent, voluntary non-profit organization that comprises individuals and companies producing gaming equipment and/or operating gambling facilities and related activities. BTAMOGI is the main representative body of those involved in the gaming industry in Bulgaria and protects the interests of its members. It unites the operators of the 40 largest gaming halls in the country and 70 % of Bulgarian gaming equipment manufacturers. BTAMOGI’s membership includes individuals who have experience in managing gaming halls and casinos for over 15 years. Since its establishment the Association’s main responsibility has been in the process of approving legislation for the regulation of gaming in Bulgaria.

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The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is an organization, which enables its members to unite and protect their interests. The members of the Chamber are part of this organization. The BCCI’s members problems can be solved not by the BCCI but through the BCCI - based on partnership efforts and cooperation.

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