Reels: 5

Winning lines: 9, 15, 21

Payout percentage:
95.40% / 93.15% / 90.60%

Top award: 10 000

Bonuses and features

  • The Wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol except for the bonus and jackpot symbols.
  • Tadj Mahal Jackpot symbol - 5 on active line pays max win or Jackpot.
  • Elephant Bonus symbol – appearing in a horizontal combination of ‘Explorer’, ‘Elephant’, ‘Explorer’ enters the free games mode. 3 x on 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel enters the bonus feature.
  • Free games mode – the player gets a random number from 6 to 12 free spins
  • Bonus feature on two levels
  • Wins are paid from left to right and from right to left
  • Special Screen fill feature where the whole main screen fills with the same symbol

Free games

A horizontal combination 'Explorer - Elephant - Explorer' on the screen enters the Free Games on-screen bonus. The player is given from 6 to 12 free spins. No more free games can be won during this mode, and the Temple bonus cannot be triggered

Temple bonus

The bonus screen shows four cows, which the player selects one by one. Each cow may give a prize or the Collect symbol. If the player has selected all the cows without opening Collect, he enters the 'Golden Elephant' bonus. If the Collect symbol has been opened the 'Temple' bonus ends. The bonus win is multiplied by the Total Bet.

Golden Elephant

Here the player has to choose one of two golden elephants. One of them opens the Collect symbol and the other one gives a prize of 20x Total bet.

The player has a chance to make choices between two Elephants until one of them opens the Collect symbol.


Alchemic Fusion Mystery

Linked Mystery

Linked Progressive


Stand Alone Progressive


Credit multi denomination

Gaming platform: CTIV

Language support: English, Bulgarian, Russian

Version Category Laboratory / Certification No Language Part number Features
Czech Republic 2.20C herna - kat.2 itc Eng, Ger, Cz 012.000327.03 JP fusion
Czech Republic 3.20C CZK - kat.3 itc Eng, Ger, Cz 012.000326.03 JP fusion
Czech Republic 4.20C EUR - kat.4 itc Eng, Ger, Cz 012.000325.03 JP fusion
Romania 3,11 International 0030/07 Eng, Rus, Bul, Esp, Portugese 012.000324.12 QCM, SAS
Czech Republic 1,04 EUR - kat.4 itc 1018.06 Eng, Ger, Cz 012.000323.05