Тhe ARCH™ slot machine – a premium product with European elegance and slim design, positioned on the cutting-edge of the technological wave and featuring the revolutionary vision of the gaming experience through its unique, horizontally positioned, 43" full HD, curved, gaming customized display with its dedicated multigame series GAMOPOLIS™ ARCH inclusive of 20 unique titles. 


  • 43'' horizontal curved LED display covering the natural vision range
  • Anti-glare surface treatment
  • Full HD resolution and luminous outlook
  • Keyboard with left and right-hand start button
  • 24’’ interactive command deck
  • Built-in dynamic lighting
  • High-quality sound system
  • Dedicated full HD multi-game series GAMOPOLIS™ ARCH with 20 to 60 titles


Themed Indoor Jackpot signage

27” video topper