Through its patented convergence platform Server Games Technology™ (SGT), the company offers a unique solution combining the live game of roulette with the opportunity of remotely placing bets plus bet on video slots and virtual sports. The newly designed CASINO PRINCE™ terminals are coupled with the new CASINO PRINCESS™ mobile tablet terminals, allowing for an unlimited number of betting terminals and mobile devices to play simultaneously on one or many roulette wheels.

The modular design of CASINO PRINCE™ and the easy scalability of CASINO PRINCESS™mobile terminals allows a range of flexible and functional solutions for utilizing and optimizing the casino space. The option of linking unlimited electronic betting terminals to one or more wheels allows for various possibilities that can accommodate the needs of any casino interior. The system is now offered as an upgraded version featuring 22” widescreen terminals and gateway interface.

Recently the game mix was extended with new types of games including video slots and virtual horse racing, combined in the innovative multi-game multi-player TRINITY™ solution, ensuring higher player appeal, longer playing times and enhanced client convenience due to the all-in-one concept.

In addition, through the technologies brought together in the all-in-one solution THE BIG 5™, the bets can be placed not only on electronic betting terminals but also on each linked to network VLT machine, as well as online.

Key Features:

  • 22” screen monitor
  • Powerful multichannel sound system
  • A standard size cabinet and footprint, guaranteeing a perfect fit in the line with the existing floor cabinets
  • New ergonomic keyboard featuring high-quality large push buttons and optional sensor buttons
  • An option for installing different peripherals such as bill acceptor, printers, etc.
  • Option for completing with modules from the most popular CMS systems