RHINO™ Casino Management System is designed for all types of gaming locations – from small halls to big casinos, managing slots and live games. It is offered with a full range of modules and player tracking options, featuring maximized functionality and flexible applicability to a wide spectrum of customers’ needs.

The system provides full control over all activities in real-time for slots and the live games as well as analysis and reporting of results. The loyalty program and reporting based on the customer game are excellent tools to achieve excellent results in the halls.


- Real-time monitoring of slot and live game

- Reporting and reports

- Track players

- Cashless operations for Slot and Live game - cards / TITO

- Slot and Live Game Analysis

- Marketing tools and promotions

- Loyalty program

- Reception

- Bar

CT Gaming's Casino management system allows payment by cards or tickets (TITO). The customer can pay cashless through his club card and receive bonuses, vouchers, and promotional credits that can be transferred between machines and gaming tables.

The Live game management module provides real-time management and monitoring of live game tables and covers all aspects of live game activities in the casino - from chip loading to the most complex analyzes. It offers complete and comprehensive information about the current situation of the tables, provides a comparison between the actions performed by employees with the automatically calculated results and analysis of various parameters, providing managers with all the necessary data for timely decisions.