Dear Customer,

Following the Official Information from November 2019 regarding the WILD CLOVER game, a new game is subject to the same scam, namely POT O’LUCK. The same as in the previous case, the scam involves manipulation using a restart of the slot machines by switching the power OFF and ON and using the mobile phone for filming the game screen and transmitting the information.
Until the situation is clarified, we recommend disabling the POT’O LUCK game. For details regarding disabling the game, you may contact our support team at support@ctgaming.com.
Pot O’Luck is part of the following game packs: ARCH 20 games, ARCH 40 games, ARCH 60 games GAMOPOLIS HIGHWAY 66, GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY 70, GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY 72, GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY 73, GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY 75, SPEED KING, TOWER 101, TOWER 102, TOWER 104, TOWER 105.
Solving the issue above, new versions of games mixes are available to be installed on the machines as it follows:
Speed King CT6 4.9.1, ARM 4.9.12
Tower 102 ARM 4.3.6.
Speedway 76 CT6 1.6.1, ARM 1.6.5
Speedway 75 ARM 1.5.4, CT6 1.5.0,
Speedway 74 ARM 1.9.0, CT6 1.11.1
Speedway 73 ARM 2.11.2, CT6 2.11.1
Speedway 71 ARM 2.8.4, CT6 2.8.1
Arch 60 CT6 4.9.1

NEW PRODUCT: Speed King 2 CT6 2.1.1
For the markets where there is no need for certification the above updates are available for installation.
For the certified markets available game mixes will be listed after certification based on certain market requirements.

Thank you for your understanding and your support!