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Casino Management System

Casino Management System is an all-in-one solution designed for all-size gaming locations. It offers a full range of modules, maximized functionality, and flexible applicability to a broad spectrum of customers’ needs. The system provides complete control over all activities in real-time for slots and the live games and analysis and reporting of results.


The module provides management with all needed reports and gives a full activity overview.

  • Real-time reports
  • Daily reports
  • Monthly reports
  • Custom reports

The cage module controls all cash activities. It provides a full transaction history and real-time balance overview.

  • Multiple enterprise cages
  • Enterprise vault
  • Мulti-currency cage and accounts
  • Bill stacker count
  • Real-time balance

The module provides a flexible and easy way to register multi-international players. It allows players segregation in different lists.

  • Player registration
  • Automatic check-in/check-out
  • Internal black list

This module allows direct communication between the internal personnel, as well as the implementation of Marketing campaigns

  • Real time notifications
  • Internal system notifications
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Event-based notifications

It offers different types of interactive bonus rewards, that captivate players’ attention and increase the thrill of playing.

  • Variable type of points
  • Bonus wheels
  • Tournaments
  • Discounts
  • Money back promotions
  • Compliments
Player tracking

Allows the management to have a live view of the players, track their history, and offer loyalty programs, together with customizable benefits.

  • Real time play track statistic
  • Detailed player history
  • Loyalty program

Helps engage the customers and provide them with all new updates, and promotions

  • Email campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
  • Video promotions

Offers diverse jackpot solutions, contributing to the players’ excitement. It gives an option for customization according to your needs.

  • Mystery and global mystery
  • Time-mystery
  • Tournaments
  • Happy hour mystery
  • Full HD multimedia control center
Live-game management

The module’s functions include features that control and track the activities in the gaming halls. It is also responsible for junket management.

  • Cage and table management
  • Visual tables and cage reports
  • Live-game player tracking
  • Junket management

Offers diverse credit options.

  • Cash credit
  • Promo cash credit
  • Promo cash credit with wager
  • Promo cash credit with deduction

It helps to optimize the players’ cash flow and to manage the finances in the hall. It also gives an extra layer of security for money transactions.

  • Cash ticket
  • Promo cash ticket

Increases overall security.

  • Real time security events
  • Real-time player and system audits
  • Detailed separation of user access
  • Junket management

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