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About the product

WizziCast is a complete solution for networked management.
It is a new generation product that provides a modern solution for the marketing needs of every business. It is a highly efficient tool to deliver multimedia content with informative, educational or entertaining characters.
WizzyCast is a sophisticated system for content creation and management in digital signage systems, allowing users simultaneously to create, track and manage their systems.
The system offers a complete range of products for network management systems, enabling comprehensive networked Digital Signage solutions. Depending on the customers` requirements, WizzyCast provides scalable solutions to suit the size and needs of their digital signage network. The customer can monitor the system, receive a system notification, and generate a wide range of reports.
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- Display promotional and advertising information in a very attractive way

- Reach customers from the moment they enter the lobby

- Keep customers on the premises by marketing events, specials and shows

- Support the casino-to-customer connection and increase participation in loyalty programs.
Where do we use WizzyCast?
- Promotion of new games and special offers
- Information about loyalty programs and upcoming events
- Welcome messages for large groups and special events
- Information about recent jackpot winners
Promotion of affiliated restaurants and hotels