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Thursday, 30 March 2023

CT Gaming's Next Slot Cabinet Makes Its Launch at Max Bet's Halls in Bucharest

CT Gaming and MaxBet have teamed up once again to introduce cutting-edge gaming technology to Romanian halls. CT Gaming has unveiled the installation of 50 Next slot cabinets at MaxBet's halls in Bucharest, which will offer players an exciting and engaging gaming experience, complete with a wide area jackpot.

Valentina Dobre, General Manager of CT Gaming in Romania, and Vladimir Gurtovoi, deputy operations officer of MaxBet, expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration by highlighting the Next cabinet's cutting-edge features and the considerable investment that it represents. This most recent development highlights CT Gaming's strong presence in the market and commitment to providing cutting-edge gaming solutions to its clients.

Overall, this collaboration marks a major milestone for both companies and signals a significant development in the gaming industry in Romania, as they aim to dominate the market with the best gaming experience for customers.



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