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Wednesday, 20 December 2023

Introducing Tower Link

The newest multigame in CT Gaming’s portfolio ensures a thrilling experience with a selection of 10 captivating games, linked to a progressive jackpot.

The selection combines games with different mechanics including cascading reel games and many more, providing users with diverse choices. Four of the games are 5x5, five have a 5x3 layout, and the main attraction in the package is Fruit Tube. It is an exciting game in which the number of visible rows of symbols on each reel changes with every spin. This way it is possible for thousands of combinations of winning to be formed on a single spin.

At the core of Tower Link is a progressive jackpot that links all the games in the package. During gameplay, each symbol can turn golden. Depending on the number of golden symbols simultaneously appearing on the screen, the player either wins a bonus or one of the two jackpot levels - Major and Mega.

Tower Link is compatible with the Tower slot cabinet, featuring 43-inch vertically curved monitors that allow the visualization of vibrant graphics and animations. The combination of these two products is an excellent addition to any gaming hall.


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