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Friday, 12 March 2021

CT Gaming Launches New JACKPOT Concept

CT Gaming launches a new progressive jackpot concept with its newest multigame Diamond King which will be available very soon.

Diamond Tree Jackpot has exciting mechanics and it is not only while playing the jackpot spins. The mechanics have a deep and engaging element to them which makes the experience more thrilling and memorable.

The 3-level jackpot has a flexible concept based on a classic collect symbols concept. With a strong Jackpot theme, visuals, and sound, Diamond Tree appeals to players in any market.

The mathematical depth of the game targets repeat play as multiple bonus winnings can be won at a time. The diamond tree, which appears on the second screen spreads sticky diamonds and allows many hits of different levels of the jackpot at once.

The Jackpot is connected to 10 of the 50 games included in the Diamond King multigame. The titles are carefully selected and the multigames had all the essential CT Gaming best-sellers complemented with a fine selection of new titles in the format for the most popular range of the company`s cabinets EZ Modulo 32/32 and EZ Modulo 27/27 cabinets.

The potential of the product is great and promises to be the major hit on the market, especially when a single bonus spin could award multiple progressives and bonuses.


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