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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

CT Gaming's newest slot machine with installations on the Bulgarian market

The newest CT Gaming slot machine - Next, is already on the Bulgarian market. The first installations are already made in the most luxurious casino complex in the Balkans, Palms Merkur Royale, and in the gaming halls of Palms Merkur in Sofia. The feedback is excellent, and the machines are performing excellently.

Next is CT Gaming's latest slot machine, combining innovative technology with breathtaking software. "The machine quickly became a hit product in the casinos and gaming halls where we made installations. With cutting-edge design combined with the company's latest multigame Diamond King 2, Next is already among the most preferred by our customers," explained Biser Bojanov, Director of Business Development and Strategies at CT Gaming.

Next features two 27" UHD monitors and a 27" video topper, which is optional. With a convenient play deck, a large CMS panel, a button panel, a built-in i-deck, and a built-in USB for phone charging, the slot machine is a reliable product designed to bring excellent results to operators and great experience to their customers. The exciting multigame Diamond King 2 is already among the most sought-after products in the locations.

Diamond King 2 consists of 50 games. Ten of them are linked to the innovative 3-level progressive jackpot Diamond Tree that can be won on every bet. The client can win several prizes at once and several levels or several times the same jackpot level.

"Our latest slot machine Next has become a hit that will unleash its potential in the coming months. In combination with the latest multigame from the Diamond King series, an excellent and fascinating combination is obtained, which covers all possible preferences", added Biser Bojanov.


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