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Thursday, 6 June 2019

The Latest EZ MODULO™ Models With Diverse Content Showcased for Latam During Peru GAMING SHOW

The latest of the award-winning EZ MODULO™  series of slot machines will be showcased for Latin American region during Peru Gaming Show in Lima, Jume 19-20.

Georgi Koprinarov, Director Business Development Latin America at Casino Technology commented: “Our EZ MODULO™ series of slot machines enable operators with flexible and diverse decisions for their floors, for excellent performance and results”.
The company`s new offerings EZ MODULO™ with three 32” HD monitors, EZ MODULO Titan™ and EZ MODULO Tower™ comprise of leading-edge technology and fascinating content for a truly exciting experience. “It is a reflection of our dedication to offer the most comprehensive products that meet customers` expectation”, Mr. Koprinarov explained.

The outstanding new EZ MODULO Tower™, standing out with unique 43-inch J-curved monitor and full touchscreen capabilities, will be presented with TOWER™ 102 FRUITS, TOWER™ 104 multi games, consisting of 40 successful and loved by players games and a new game mix - TOWER 105, certified for the market and expected to evoke strong interest, turning immediately into conversion.

The innovative and eye catching EZ MODULO Titan™ grabs the player's attention with 32” HD main monitor and an impressive 43” UHD J-curved monitor and will be showcased with GORILLA WHEEL™ - a multi level progressive game suite with 12 titles.
Featuring SPEED KING™ multi game with 60 titles, now enriched with different skins that include Asian and Fruits themed titles for offering even better diversity, the EZ MODULO™ with three 32” HD monitors is designed precisely for providing an exceptional gaming experience.

“The EZ MODULO™ series of slot machines feature a reliable construction. The separately placed monitors, not incorporated in the main body of the cabinet, facilitates the maintenance. Its advanced ergonomic characteristics and the low footprint, makes the machines an ideal choice for any locations”, explained Georgi Koprinarov. 


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