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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The Newest of EZ MODULO™ Slot Machines and The Latest Functionalities of CMS RHINO™ Premiered on Balkans at Belgrade GAMING SHOW

The newest entries from the EZ MODULO™ series of slot machines and the latest functionalities, added to the proved to be very successful RHINO™ Casino Management System of Casino Technology, will be premiered for the Balkan markets during Belgrade Future Gaming Show, 4-5 June.

Elena Shaterova, Global Sales Director at Casino Technology commented: “Being the best tool for real-time decision making, RHINO™ is a reliable instrument for operators and they define the system as vital for the management”. With multiple installations of the system already made in locations throughout Serbia, including Belgrade, Pančevo, Kragujevac, Smederevo, Leskovac, Obrenovac, Svilajnac, RHINO™ currently connects hundreds of slot machines. Coming soon is the Live Game Module that avails control and analysis of the gaming tables, allowing to recognize and shape an individual approach to players at table games as well as rewarding them accordingly.

Given the specific needs of the market on the Balkans, Casino Technology will present the models from the EZ MODULO™ series that will suit best the local operators – EZ MODULO™ with three 32” monitors, EZ MODULO TOWER™ and EZ MODULO™ 27/27.
EZ MODULO™ with three 32” monitors is an excellent choice that guarantees outstanding performance. Offered with the award-winning SPEED KING™ multi game with 60 HD titles, the slot machine provides an exceptional gaming experience.
The newest game packs from the company`s latest progressive line of multi games – CLOVER CHARM™ featuring five titles with 3-level jackpot, configurable as a stand alone or linked progressive and GORILLA WHEEL™ game package with 4-level progressive symbol driven jackpot, consisting of twelve titles will be showcased with EZ MODULO™ with two 27 monitors and 21.5 topper.

Featuring unique 43-inch UHD J-curved monitor with full touchscreen capabilities EZ MODULO TOWER™ is offered with TOWER™ 101, TOWER™ 102 FRUITS and TOWER™ 104 multi game packages, consisting of 40 successful and loved by players games, guaranteeing maximum machine occupancy.


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